Modeling Gripper like a claw

Attachment is the vcmx format document.The bitmap shows Axial joint 1 and Axial joint 2 is separate.What can i do to join Axial joint 1 with Axial joint 2.RANDOMTESTS.vcmx (1.1 MB)


You could try Mechanism Wizard to solve follower joint on this kind of closed loop system. Add-on can be found here:

I tested it on your model and it works if you first make rotational joints parallel. Mech wizard is little picky about that. Here’s a video on how I aligned joints and then used MW to solve followers:


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Yeah,it works.Thank you very much!

I want to consult you another question.It doesn’t work this way.This approach does not apply.I have a Drag chain.Can you give me some advice?!
Drag chain is draged by the section one as the bitmap.

Mechanism wizard doesn’t work for the energy chain case. You could check out this add-on for the chain:


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This solved my problem.Thank you very much.You’re really good!

I need to trouble you again.How to make the chain follow the gear?

Untitled1.vcmx (188.4 KB)