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Mechanism Wizard add-on helps you solve follower joints in systems that form a closed loop. Like the SasaHelper add-on (SasaHelper for modeling follower joints) Mechanism Wizard solves follower joint expressions with sasa-functions. The difference is that SasaHelper only measures the system but Mechanism Wizard tries to solve the follower expressions completely and write them into follower links. Mechanism Wizard doesn’t solve every type of system but usually you can model the system in a way that it is supported by this add-on. Add-on includes a manual with supported systems listed. There are also few example models on which you can test the add-on.


Mechanism Wizard Add-on (1.5 MB)



Is there a change you could also post a video demonstrating the “MechanismWizard Add-on” I am not seeing the add-on. or is the “SasaHelper” needed first? Thank you both are great tools by the way!

There’s a pdf manual included in this add-on. But I might do a video tutorial at some point too. This add-on doesn’t need SasaHelper but they are just trying to solve same problems in different ways.


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No need for the Video the PDF was very well done and the system worked! Thank you so much that solved a major problem I had.

Hi keke,
Is this add-on suitable for this situation? Could you help me achieve it?Thanks in advanced.

NewComp.vcmx (60.1 KB)

Hi @turbo,

That type of a piston mechanism is a system that is not supported by this add-on.

Fortunately the trigonometry is not that hard to be solved manually for this. Check out this parametric piston component and the follower expressions in it.

ParametricPiston.vcmx (27.0 KB)


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Thank you for your guidance and attachments. I solved it. :+1:

NewComp_Finished.vcmx (57.9 KB)

Hi keke,
Is this add-on suitable for this situation? Could you help me achieve it?Thanks in advanced.CHLC-63-1_136.vcmx (278.1 KB) C1

Hi, @tompetthsfdshfhshshs,

It wasn’t supported but I updated the add-on to include few new system types. Download the new version (from original post) and then you can model the driver and follower links so that the system looks like this:


I modeled the links for you so check out the attached model. Use the new add-on for that, select the link chains and connection point and solve followers and mechanism should work then.

CHLC-63-1_136.vcmx (287.1 KB)


thank you very much,Thank you for your guidance and attachments

, Is this the new edition?, * Thank you for your reply. Can you send it to me directly if convenient

The attachment zip file in the OP dated to 2020_06_17 is the new version.


  • I can’t find it. Can you send me an Internet address,thank you

This link in the original post.

Hello,keke,Transform_25710.vcmx (167.2 KB) I don’t know how to define this kind of device movement, can you help me, thank you