Grasp Action Wizard (Professional)

With the following wizard it is possible to add grasping and releasing functionality (like in robots) to any component. Useful when grasping of components is needed with very simple actuators or devices e.g. ones made by utilizing IO Wizard without connecting to a robot.

Same properties as in a robot (+ TCP/Detection Frame location) are added to the component on a GraspAction tab.

Requires access to Modelling tab (Professional or Premium)


Connect and send True signal to GraspSignal for grasping and False for releasing. Check TCPFrameLocation and DetectionVolumeSize if components are not picked up. Grasped components are attached (and following) the Node/Link given when applying the wizard.


Like usual: Just unzip the file to your “My Commands” and re-launch. E.g C:\Users%username%\Documents\Visual Components\4.1\My Commands



EDIT (27.1.2020): Fixed releasing to physics (4.71 KB)


Hallo jouha

I have some probelm to grasp by using grasp action wizard.

can you have some explain the TCPFrameLocation how to choose it?

I uploaded file to the forum , could you help me to find mistake?

thanks a lot

problem-to-realise-Grasp-Action-Wizard-527-.vcmx (3.63 MB)

Hi Frank,

It is used for detecting components while grasping and is working exactly the same as robot Grasp/Release Action Signals. When GraspSignal is sent, an arbitrary and invisible “DetectionVolume” is created around the TCPframe and is used for detecting collisions with other components. Collision test results are used to identify component(s) (if any) for grasping.

In this case the orientation of the frame is usually not so interesting, only the location.

Hopefully this clarifies the operation!

That’s helps me a lot. Thanks.

Nice, thanks!

I think you have missed to define the setPhysics function in the GraspActionScript, atleast for me the function was missing, it is easy to fix, but I just thought you should know.

Thanks for a great wizard!! :slight_smile:


Hi @autohenrik

Thanks for the tip!

It’s now fixed :slight_smile:

Sweet addon jouha! It really helped me create this magnet lifter component shown in the video.