Grasp Wizard 2 (Professional)

Hello all,

I have been using the original Grasp Action Wizard (Professional), and over time, I added some additional functionalities.

As with the original addon, you can add grasping and releasing functionalities to any component.
This updated grasp wizard can trigger the grasping signal automatically based on collisions and servo motions. The grasping logic has also been updated for new functionalities like process modeling assemblies.


Connect and send a True signal to GraspSignal for grasping and a False for releasing. Check TCPFrameLocation and DetectionVolumeSize if components are not picked up. Grasped components are attached (and following) the Node/Link given when applying the wizard.
Additionally, you can select a servo joint that will trigger the GraspSignal automatically when the servo moves or changes direction past the threshold.

Requires access to Modelling tab (Professional or Premium license )
Download the addon package: (15.0 KB)

Like usual: Unzip the file to your “My Commands” and re-launch. E.g C:\Users%username%\Documents\Visual Components\4.8\My Commands


thank you.
I was looking for a feature like this, thank you for your effort.

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Hello, Esta.why can I grasping but can’t releasing. :sweat_smile:

What results do you get If you enable the message prints? And have you tried changing the gravity direction value?