Conveyor Tracking Add-on


Here’s an add-on for robot programming that you can use to create conveyor tracking applications. Unzip and copy add-on under C:\Users%USER%\Documents\Visual Components\4.X\My Commands and launch VC. You should see three new statements on program tab:


Statements are as follows:

  • CT_WaitPart statement is used to wait until a part arrives on a conveyor sensor. Select base which you want to attach to part and select sensor component you want to use (must be “Conveyor Sensor” component from ecat). After part arrives on sensor base is attached at its origin and program execution proceeds.

  • CT_TrackPart statement can be used to make robot follow the part with attached base. Tracking can be stopped either with reset statement, timer or a certain condition (e.g. joint exceeds some value). Select base you want to track and stop mode. “Timer” property affects only on stop mode “Timer” and “Condition” property affect only “Condition” mode.

  • CT_Reset statement detaches selected base from part so you can grab that part. Grabbing part with base attached to it would cause incorrect tool/base configuration on robot and motion would stop.

Attached demo layout and video show a basic workflow and example case on how this add-on can be used. (7.3 KB)

ConveyorTrackingWithStatements.vcmx (828.0 KB)