Simulation time slider add-on

This .NET plugin allows controlling VC simulation time using a slider and shows events from output on a simple timeline. It can help debug issues with your layouts and generally to understand what is happening by allowing quick replay.

Moving backwards in time is achieved by resetting the simulation and then running to desired time as fast as possible. This works fairly well on fast-to-simulate layouts like the small to medium PM layouts from eCat.

Works with VC 4.4 and probably some older versions. Install by copying the dll to your VC installation folder.
Simulation time slider (10.9 KB)


  • Move back and forth in simulation time by dragging a slider.
  • Moving in time works both with simulation paused and running.
  • Timeline shows Output messages as markers with tooltips.
  • Timeline shows Python script errors as special red markers.
  • Timeline markers can be clicked to run simulation to that time and focus the source component if that info is included in the message.
  • Timeline scales to fit simulation warmup time and simulation runtime if those are set.

Thank you for sharing the info, I will try to figure it out more!