Addon Store - Manage your addon installations

Manage your addon installations directly within Visual Components.
This Addon Store shows a list of compatible addons and allows you to install them with a single click.


  • Get a unified list of compatible Python and C# addons
  • Install and remove addons with a single click
  • Get notified about new addon versions and their changes
  • Update new addon versions automatically or manually
  • Learn more about addons (link to forum post) or get release notes
  • Contact makers of paid addons
  • Quickly install addons after migrating to a new VC version


  • Pre-existing Python addons are currently not detected. If you install it a second time, VC will show a hint in the output panel.
  • Language is currently limited to English
  • Multiple installations on the same VC version are not supported (e.g. 4.5 Essentials & 4.5 Professional). This is because VC uses one Python addons directory per version.


  1. Download the ProLean Addon Store Installer and execute it
  2. Select the folder of your VC Installation
  3. Complete installation and run Visual Components

How to use
After installing the Addon Store you will find it in the “File” context of Visual Components.
During VC startup the Store will look for new addon versions and notify you about updates.

The UI consists of 4 tabs:

  • Browse: Lists all compatible addons (sorted alphabetically) and lets you install, update and remove them.
  • My Addons: Lists all currently installed addons
  • Settings: Configure automatic updates and notification methods
  • Info: Lookup Addon Store version and contact information

The goal of this Addon Store is to make great content available for everyone in a simple and unified way. As of right now the Store supports Python and C# addons. We will extend this in the future with Components, Collections and Layouts.
Long-term goal is to have an exchange platform within Visual Components where users can share and sell their own creations. (Similar to CAD exchanging platforms)
There is a lot of great VC content around which is sometimes hard to find.
A community-based platform not only benefits existing users but also potential VC customers who sometimes struggle to find a specific solution in eCatalog.

Plans for next release

  • Adding more basic functionality (filters, search, sorting etc.)
  • Possibility to download components
  • Adding a license key manager to activate paid addons

Final Thoughts
We encourage you to share your addon creations which is a benefit for the whole VC community. Use this submission form to send us your solution and we will list it in the store.
We will not list any addons without the creator’s permission.