Hello, everybody. I have an organization like this, and I don't know how to achieve joint movement. Right

Hello, everybody. I have an organization like this, and I don’t know how to achieve joint movement. RightUploading: 12.png… Untitled.vcmx (418.1 KB)


see file attached.

FeatureU207.vcmx (420.9 KB)

That is different to what you have uploaded…

Have fun…

Is that so?

You have to solve the mathematical equations and implement them in the model!


In Help file under topics “Functions” there are helper functions (“sasa-functions”) for solving triangles and quadrilaters. They do require some measurements but the math itself can be solved with these functions. I created the follower to your mechanism using those so check out attached model.

U207_1.vcmx (415.7 KB)




It’s amazing,thank you very much

FCAFB520-16E7-4b8c-A5E9-C9A45826BF1D Hello, can you tell me where the Numbers in the box correspond to the structure, or how the Numbers in the formula come from.thank you

  • Can you record a tutorial? Thank you

Check out the add-on in the following link. It’s a add-on that I use to model these kind of things. There’s a tutorial video that explains the add-on and sasa-functions.


I chose sasaHelper, but the motion is wrong, and the mechanism defined according to the picture is not correct

  • Can you help me to mark the Angle of ABCD and the line segment,thank you very much


This image shows the quadrilateral I used.