[BUG] Viewport empty when windows locked

When using remote desktop software (like windows remote desktop) that locks the viewport is completely gray.
Since we’ve entered another lockdown I have to work a lot from home again and it’s quite annoying that we can’t use the company remote desktop software.

My current workaround is to use Chrome Remote Desktop or Teamviewer, these softwares do not lock the used pc and enable me to view te viewport.

Due to my companies IT policies it’s a matter of time before this workaround gets blocked, and that will render me unable to work at home when I have to use Visual Components.

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Remote desktop is not supposed to work since it may violate the license agreement. At least that’s my understanding of it. This topic has been discussed in the past:

Doesn’t seem like it has been actually answered by a staff member.
And if the answer is correct then it only changes this from a bug report to a feature request.

With covid19 this issue keeps being relevant and I believe VC should be able to somehow provide this functionality.

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