Works Library - Pathfinding Reference Guide

Here is a link to a Word document that explains how to use the pathfinder and pathway components with resources.

NB! This links to latest version of document.

Demos and videos about the demos are being made now. For links to that content, see the Demo section in the document.

You can use this thread to ask questions about each pathfinding component as well as the demos. However, if you need help with your layout or project, make a different thread.

NB! A separate document is being made for each resource, for example an AGV.

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Hello zesty,

The Pick&Place tasks only use in robot now. But in the 4.0 version, we could use those tasks on the WorksHuman.

Yes, the WorksHuman in 4.1.1 library right now only supports Feed and Need. Are you asking why? I have no idea.

A new version of the document is available.


  • Updated "Approach Location" description to indicate that only one can be attached to and used by a Works Process component. The station will only use one.
  • Updated "Lifter" images and info to indicate that the lifter should NOT be attached to nor placed on top of other pathways. The lifter and its levels only need to touch the boundary of a pathway to work.
  • Added to "Connected Pathways" section to indicate that pathways only need to touch to work and try to avoid them overlapping one another. Overlaps will decrease performance and calculation time.

A new version of the document is available.


  • Updated "IdlePositionFilter" property of human to indicate that its value is used to filter which Idle Position components can be utilized by the human.
  • Updated image of Idle Position component to indicate the IdlePositionFilter of a human is used to filter which humans use that component.