Where to find "vcCommand" file

Hi, to program in python I use an external editor (pycharm). When I open pycharm directly from the python file it can’t find the nessecary libraries to start programming. pycharm is al lot more comfortable to program for a new beginners with the predicting functions. These files are missing:
-from vcCommand import *
-import vcMatrix
-import vcVector
someone who can help me out? thanks in advance!

The VC Python API does not exist as Python (or any other) files, the classes are implemented natively in the executable binaries.

thanks for the reply! Does that mean that there isn’t a way to edit scripts in pycharm, or any other editor than the editor implemented in visual studio (with predicting classes-functions)?

Yes, there is no way for any external editor to know about the Visual Components Python API.

This is a bit disappointing.
External editor its a powerful tool to create Python code more easily but it’s heavily maimed without the possibility to use code completion for VC classes.

I also talked about code completion using an external python tool with a developer from VC.
The conclusion was that it’s not really on their agenda (if it has not changed since when we talked)

There is a way to use external tools (in the link above is an add-on but there is also a post which says it’s officially supported which I could not figure out), but it has no code completion, as far as I know.

The only way to get code completion as far as I know is to generate a converter which creates a python Script from the xml files which holds the information about the VC library:
“C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Professional 4.5\SrcTemplates\Python Editor\Auto Complete”
When you converted the xml files to a python script, you could include it and auto-completion should work.
I know it’s kind of a hack, but I don’t know any other way.
If anyone creates such a converter, it would be awesome if you share it :wink:

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A better way could be to extract the HTML files from Python API documentation and parse those, then generate e.g. Python stub interface files (.pyi) that several editors support.

I have heard that such converter implementation exists, but the results can’t be shared publicly because the VC API help file contents are not available publicly. They only come with the software and thus are part of it under the license terms.

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Would it be possible if the converted files are created during the installation, so they would come with the software?
Or can the converter be shared, as the result can only be created for thoose who have the software?

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