External Python Editor

This add-on enables the editing of python scripts inside Python Script and Process Handler behaviors in an external editor. The script is opened in an editor associated with .py files in the OS. The add-on supports VC 4.2 Professional/Premium only.

A right-click context menu is added for opening and disabling external script:

External script files are created in the system’s temp folder and monitored for changes. Whenever the external script is saved, it is compiled in VC. In case the simulation is running, compiling will be executed once the simulation is reset, similar to the internal editor. Script files in the temp folder are garbage collected once the component or behavior is deleted in VC. Renaming the external script file or the behavior is allowed. Relocating the script file is not supported.

The external script is automatically disabled when the VC internal editor is opened for editing the same script. After closing the internal editor, a prompt is displayed if the script contents differ:

The external script can be manually disabled from the right-click context menu.

Disclaimer: Debug features such as breakpoints and tracing are not possible with any external editor. But the VC internal editor can be used when necessary. Also, the autocompletion of VC API is not provided.

Install by placing the .dll inside Visual Components installation folder e.g. “C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Premium 4.2” (administration rights required). Relaunch if VC is running.

VC 4.2 (8/7/2020):
Plugin.ExternalPyEditor.dll (18.5 KB)


this is awesome hi’ve been looking for a long time for a plugin like this. Thanks! :+1:

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