Visual Components 4.8 Offline Help

Hello all,

In Visual Components 4.8 the software help is now available online in HTML format. Users who do not have internet access may require the ability to access this new HTML help content offline.

Please find the attached instructions and a download link to setup offline help in Visual Components 4.8

Visual Components 4.8 Offline Help Installation Guide.pdf (423.4 KB)

Download the help content for your product version here.
Help file download link last updated April 3rd, 2024.




We are trying to download the help content, but we are not able to log in to the shared link. Could there possibly be a problem with it? Is there a way to download it without login In?


Sorry about that, we updated the content today for the latest version and when adding the link used the wrong parameters. The link should work now



I also have the same problem

The link has been updated, sorry about that, please try it once more

Thank you very much, it works now.