VC4.3: Create BOM has a bug?


in current version of Vc is a bug in Drawing! When I load a DrawingTemplate and try to create a BOM I get following error and the BOM-List stays emtpy… :frowning:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “DrawingTemplateA4::PythonScript”, line 116, in UpdateRows
File “DrawingTemplateA4::PythonScript”, line 100, in ChangeRows
AttributeError: Attribut ‘Size’ wurde nicht gefunden.

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I created a topic addressing this issue. A major bug in the VC 4.3.0 slipped through our testing process which prevents anyone from creating a BOM in the drawing tab.

To fix the problem, download updated drawing template files from the topic VC 4.3.0 Problem with Drawing templates and creating BOM

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