VC 4.3.0 Problem with Drawing templates and creating BOM

Dear Visual Components user.

As some of you have already noticed, there is a problem with the Visual Components 4.3.0 version, which prevents you from creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) in the drawing view. The problem has been detected and fixed for the coming 4.3.1 version.

While we wait for the new version, we need to use a temporary fix for the 4.3.0 version. Please download the following zip file, which contains updated drawing templates in the form of vcm files.

To use these drawing templates, you must unzip the files to the Visual Components templates folder. This folder is in the same directory as where you install your addons. By default, the path is C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Visual Components\4.3\My Templates\Drawings

This should overwrite the existing drawing template files. Once done, restart the Visual Components application to load the updated templates. I apologize for the inconvenience.