Using a LiftAssist Kinematics

I am new to the software and started my first project last week. Currently i am trying to use a crane boom in combination with the Lift Assist Handle L to move objects. Therefore i assigned the Follow me tab to the wanted tool and defined the feed and need tasks in the works process. The task it self works but the Assist Handle is “flying” around and not atteched to the moving crane in any way. So the simulation looks really.

Is it possible to combine or attach the crane boom and the Lift Assist Handle in order to make it look more realistic?

Good luck. See pages 22-23 in the reference manual (version 3) for some insights,

Been a while since I used the components, so hopefully others can help you. All I remember is that simulation speed will affect how quickly the lift assist updates its location and renders.

Could you share a layout that highlights the problem you are having? It’s easier to help when we understand completely what you are struggling with.

Thanks for your response.

I already used the works tutorial to fix the problem but i couldn’t succeed.

I added a picture where you cab see the crane and the lift assist. I hope the problem is clearer to you now.

Hi all, I am new to this software as well. I am looking to use the LiftAssist Kinematics to move a turbine engine around my “factory floor”. I am pretty new to this software and I am unable to understand the pdf file that was recommended previously. Any advice on how to tackle this? Thanks

The crane, boom and telescope won’t do the work for you. All they do is follow an attached component. That attached component is the actual tool which can be used to pick and place parts. The tool has to be used by a human, and the tool has to be referenced by name in the task, e.g. Feed.

See attached “Works - Lift Assist.vcmx” which is a simple use case made in 4.1.

Works-Lift-Assist.vcmx (4.83 MB)

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Thanks a lot! Did not realise that I needed a human but your example helped clear things for me.

I tried to use the LiftAssist component to make a sence like that HumanResource go to pick a Cube by the tool named LiftAssist.But I don’t know why the false like below is generate.

Can you help me solove this problem ?Thank you very much!

Hi wwn_h,

Check that you refer to the correct ToolName in the Feed task e.g. “LiftAssist2”:

finally make sure that you use the latest versions of the components (in eCat).

HumanResource date is shown below:

If the issue still persist, please attach the layout file for further troubleshooting.

Oh,thanks for your answer.Based on your suggestions,I checked my layout.

First,the task tool name is correct, and is called “LiftAssist2”.

Second,the HumanResource’ date in my layout may not be latest,as shown below.

I can’t make sure that whether the HumanResource’s date is the course of the error. So,I have attached my layout below.

Please help me check the layout.Thank you very much!

HumanResource_use_LiftAssist.vcmx (4.29 MB)


I get some error messages when running your layout.

I deleted the human resource model and took a new fresh human model from the library. That seems to fix the layout.

EDIT: the date in your screenshot is a little outdated. The latest one is 3/25/2019. You can force run the library updater by running the executable shown below. It should launch that automatically everytime you launch the VC application.

C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components <VERSION> 4.1\VisualComponents.eCatalogue.UpdateWebCat.exe

br eme


I tried to force run the library updater and it does work!

Thanks for your timly assistance very much.


There is an issue with the boom code, I would suggest bringing up the issue to VC because I was in the same issue, but luckily i do not need it anymore.


The issue is that the follow me piece does not go up and down to realistically release the part, it is fixed at one height and it should be fixed by VC

I want to ask, is there a way to make human use the LiftAssist2, not only let the tool go with human, but also let the hands of human keep the tool moving?

Just like the picture below. To make the sence closer to reality.



were you able to get a solution for this?
I am struggling with this at the moment

Warm Regards



I also had problems with this topic (still have). Maybe you find these answers useful: Lift assist carry height

thanks for this fernet_meis. I will look up