Lift assist carry height


I am trying to use liftassist, so that the human worker would pick the part and lift it up before moving it to the next work process. Currently part moves in the ground to the next work process. So my question is, that how can Human using for examle LiftKinematicsTelescopeBoom (with liftAssist2 attached to it) pick a part from the ground, lift it up and then move to next work process? Thank for your help in advance, please see the picture.


Is it possible to share the layout? will try

Hi Satish,

I am using cranes in my master´s thesis, where I am planning a assembly line for heavy machines so I can´t share the layout. I only made a one fast example layout (the one in the picture) but I didn´t save it. It is similar layout like in this topic: Using a LiftAssist Kinematics
There is a small layout. Only difference is that I have the HeightOffset of the Works Process in zero and I have VC 4.2.

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Hi Fernet,

Find the attached layout. I have used lift assist component downloaded from internet and it’s working. Let me know if this solves your problem.

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SatishOperator carrying.vcmx (2.9 MB)

Thank you Satish for your effort,

However, it did not solve the problem. Well, actually it did but it created another problem. In your layout the human will pick the liftassist and therefore it starts walking in the air. I was curius, that what causes this so I changed the liftassist2 to bottle (component) in my layout and it actually kind of works since now the human picks the part from the ground and lifts it up before moving it to the assembly station. However, the human also starts walking in the air in my layout so this does not solve my problem.

I compared your liftassist component to e-catalog liftassist2 and your is missing the carryheight and carryoffset so I think that causes the “solution” but also causes new probelm :smiley: liftassist2 from ecatalog vs liftassist form internet


Sorry about this as I didn’t notice. Please check the attached layout and let me know.

Operator carrying.vcmx (3.0 MB)

Thanks for your effor satish.

Looks like you solved the walking in the air-problem with works pathaway area. I´ll try this in my layout too.

If someone is mastered this lift assist kinematics, lift assist handles and lift assist recource tool, I would be very thankful if someone links a guide or how to use- tutorial.