Unhandled exception occurred:NativeException: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

My model was working fine but after making some changes in my python code I get unhandled exception messages and VC crashes. I looked up in the Logfile (AppData/Local/VisualComponents) but the message is not very helpful to find out what is going wrong.

ERROR - Unhandled exception occurred:NativeException: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (code: 0xC0000005)
0# 0x00007FFA70003099 in VisualComponents_Revolution
1# 0x00007FFA8576563E
2# 0x00007FFA85764B0F
3# 0x00007FFAE08F222E in clr
4# 0x00007FFA857649DE
5# 0x00007FFAE08F222E in clr
6# enableCppUnhandledExceptionDispatcher in VisualComponents_Revolution
7# _chkstk in ntdll
8# RtlRaiseException in ntdll
9# KiUserExceptionDispatcher in ntdll

Is there a way to get a more detailed log to find out what exactly the problem would be?

Do you know how to reproduce it? Python script could be the root cause, it would be easier to investigate.

The problem is reproducable. Every time I click on run on the modified model I get exactly the same error. The funny thing is the exception popsup but I can click again ok and run and the simulation goes on. But after a few minutes I get again the same exception and then VC Crashes.

There are some similar posts on the forum but for my case restarting the computer did not help.
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And I am not sure how to check which component has the Problem, since it is a quite big layout and the error message is not very helpfull.
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The problem is reproducible, that’s a good news actually, could you upload the file, if the file is sensitive, please send to support, thank you.

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