Unhandled exception: Exception_Access_Violation

I have a conveyor, a pusher to transfer package to another conveyor, and the error comes up when the pusher tries to perform its action.

Unhandled exception occurred:EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (code: 0xC0000005)
** 0# 0x00007FFC81FBEA09 in VisualComponents_Revolution**
** 1# 0x00007FFCA802EABE**
** 2# 0x00007FFCA802DF8F**
** 3# 0x00007FFD03EA222E in clr**
** 4# 0x00007FFCA802DE5E**
** 5# 0x00007FFD03EA222E in clr**
** 6# enableCppUnhandledExceptionDispatcher in VisualComponents_Revolution**
** 7# _chkstk in ntdll**
** 8# RtlRaiseException in ntdll**
** 9# KiUserExceptionDispatcher in ntdll**
10# rSmartPtr::GetPtr in Revolution

Seems to be an internal error and bug in VC native side, equivalent to a crash.
Please report to VC support with a simplified layout to test with.

I figured it out. I have a “pusher” to move packages to a different conveyor belt. If the pusher pushes the package, but the center of the package isn’t on the conveyor enough then you are pushing into the void. This causes the crash as there is nothing to receive the pushed package.

Note: This can happen regardless of whether the connection looks visually made