Signals Between 2 Processes


I have two processes linked to each other through transport. I want to make Process 1 wait to call for a new product only when Process 2 has transported out it’s product. I thought it would make sense to use the Process Signals to communicate when this should happen, but I am having a hard time understanding how to set this up correctly. To make it slightly more complicated, I am using a machine I have made myself and don’t understand how to set up the signal interface very well under the machine behaviors tab in modeling.

I am open to alternatives beyond signals if that makes it a bit easier.

Below shows my 2 processes and how they should flow. My last concern is, when I start the simulation, Process 1 may be waiting on signal from Process 2, but process 2 is waiting on product from Process 1 since the simulation has just started…

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Hi Chbaker,

create a boolean signal under modelling component (process) that you want to execute and then connect this signal in process using “SendSignal” on one side to “WaitSignal” at the other. For example: