Quality check camera

i was wondering if there is any way to and some sort of quality checking camera, that would take a photo inside the simulation and send that photo to a computer screen. there is a dummy version of this camera but i was wondering if there is any way of making one that actually works?




This is a quick easy example to simulate computer vision in VC. Since observer view and camera view share same window, so the downside is that you have to keep same observer view, the upside is that the code is 36 lines and easy to use, you can adjust parameters of vcView object as you wish, the script is in “Quality check camera” component.

Observer view: View (Any location as you wish)
Camera view: TakeImage (Any location as you wish)

Start simulation to take images automatically, quality check camera’s signal is connected with conveyor sensor’s signal, new image will be saved when workpiece passes.

  1. TakeImage: Take image manually
  2. ImageFolder: This indicates the saved images folder path, not file path, so you need to fill it manually, don’t forget to add slash at the end. (Update: Added check slash function)
  3. OpenFolder: Open saved images folder

TakeImage.vcmx (1.3 MB)


Where can I find saved images?

Select quality check camera component. There is ImageFolder, this indicates the folder location, not file location, so you need to fill it manually, something like “D:\CV\”, remember always add slash at the end.

Very good, thank you

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is there any way to display these images inside the simulation as they are being captured? on a computer screen or something


Sure, utilizing recent trick, desktop player.

TakeImage_v2.vcmx (1.4 MB)