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This is an extended application of video player add-on, capable of displaying any corner of the desktop in real-time. One of its applications is to display real-time statistics dashboard directly in 3D world.

Work flow

  1. You need select top-left corner and bottom-right corner to set capture area, press “CaptureTopLeft” and “CaptureBottomRight” to start selecting corners, VC will be freeze, this is normal. move cursor to desired position, press mouse middle button, “Top” + “Left” and “Bottom” + “Right” will be filled automatically.

  2. Enter the desired file location in “TargetImage”, the captured image will be continuously saved to that location.

  3. Set image scale as you wish.

  4. Start the simulation, the current update frequency is 1 second in real-world time, which is delay(sim.SimSpeed)

  5. Performance depends on update frequency because it captures image, load imags, updates material’s texture, rebuild geometry, the faster the update frequency, the lower the performance.

DesktopPlayer.vcmx (425.6 KB)


You madman, thanks for sharing the addon! This is absolutely bonkers.

I struggled at first with how to use it. You must select the top left corner and the bottom right corner separately. Otherwise, you get python errors from PIL.

So to clarify:

  1. Click CaptureTopLeft, move your mouse to the desired top left corner that you want to record and press middle mouse button.

  2. Click CaptureBottomRight, move mouse to the desired bottom right corner of recording area and press middle mouse button.

  3. Set the TargetImage (you need to create some empty png file or use another placeholder image)

  4. Start the simulation. Video recording should start to update


Hi Este, I would love to use this plugin too, but I followed the steps and it doesn’t work as the video shows. Can I ask you some specific operations? I would be very grateful if there is a video demonstration.

Could you upload screenshot or video? Este’s steps are quite comprehensive.

Here is a quick video with the steps.

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Very good app, worthy of praise!

I remember someone in the forum asking if it was possible to add multiple perspectives, like Blender, where one window stays in one place and the other angles can wander. Can this function be developed?

Yes, it’s possible, need to use .NET API, will keep your interest in mind, perhaps in the future.

Thank you so much for the development, as always, fantastic work! I noticed two points: 1) The screen scaling under Windows needs to be set to 100% (at least in my case). 2) It would be great if we could also capture this as a VCAX :slight_smile:

Great! Glad it helps, did not catch it, could you describe more details?