Programming Gripper

Hi guys,
I can’t program this gripper. The gripper center point is set strangely. Can this be changed in the program or does the CAD file have to be revised?
Here is the CAD file of the gripper:

bg100_asm.stp (3.3 MB)
Many thanks for your help

Yes you can adjust center point easily just by using these two buttons.

After you move origin to wanted position, click apply.


Many Thanks. But now I have another problem. The gripper always turns in the wrong direction. how can I set this correctly?


Use move origin and in right just change rotation by 180 in requiered axis

bg100_asm.vcmx (1.2 MB)

Thank you very much. I tried it myself. I have a question. how did you do that? How do I Programm those two components, so they stay together? As you can see in the Picture I added, the two components do not stay together.

You can learn this

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