Product sorting by ID

I’m trying to build a process where parts are routed according to its ProdID.

So I have ready process where each component gets its ID and in the end, I’d need to sort /split the process into more destinations. See the picture…

In Process #2 I set the ProdID into each component. and each ID should travel to own “sink”.

Or is there any other way hot to sort components?

File is attached.
Thak you in advance very much for your help.

Buffering.vcmx (113.7 KB)

Change the product type at “Process 2” and filter what product types each “Sink” process transports in.

Thank you I also tryied this scenario, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe wrong filtering…?
If I set any one of the filtering on one sink process, part went only to the second one…?

Should I use 1. Reserve Product, 2. Property Condition, 3. TransportIn condition?

Thank you.

You can create 2 flow groups, each goes to one one sink. Then in Process #2 you can use the change product type to switch the product toanoter that is in a different flow group.

For this use case it is not even necessary to use filtering. In case you want to use these filters, I personally use the option 3 from your picture, so in TI statement.

Refer to Transport in sorting - #2 by Lefa