Planar Motor components

Today we have released new exciting components by Planar Motor Inc. The release has 13 Advanced Motion components, including 11 XBot movers, a Flyway stator, and a Controller.

These components can be simulated in a simple standalone mode or using the real hardware controller with the free addon: New Planar Motor Add-on for Advanced Motion

Controlling the XBots can be done in the simulation using the commands in the Program context or by using the XBots as Products in Process Modeling.

If the Planar Motor Controller is used, the simulated XBots will follow the commands received from the actual controller. Learn more about these digital twin capabilities by downloading the addon package from the above link and reading the included instructions manual. Note that using the addon requires you to have the actual Planar Motor Controller hardware.

Check out the Planar Motors website to see what these products are all about!