New Planar Motor Add-on for Advanced Motion

Planar Motor XBots and Flyways are coming to the Visual Components eCatalog starting from version 4.6! The Planar Motor System redefines intelligent production lines for smart manufacturing, with unprecedented flexibility, reliability, agility, and efficiency to meet dynamic market needs. A Planar Motor System is composed of one or more XBots (movers) and a stationary surface made up of modular Flyways (stators). Each XBot is independently controlled and suspended with the ability to operate 6 degrees-of-freedom.

This external add-on, made by Planar Motor Inc, enables digital twinning with the Planar Motor Controller (PMC) and gives you the freedom to create arbitrary configurations. These functions are accessed through the PM Controller model, once inserted into the World. XBots can also be automated in the Program Editor and added to your current layout to facilitate visualisation of the process flow. With 11 different XBot models, varying in size and payload capacity, there will be one which fits your application!


To install the add-on, download and extract the zip file. Place the plug-ins in the VC root folder, i.e., C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Professional 4.6 and start VC. Please read the VisualComponents_PMI_Instructions.pdf provided in the zip file for more detailed information about installation and use.

Note: The add-on is designed for SW version 4.6 and up. (654.4 KB)


Awesome addon. Thank you for sharing!

The Planar Motor Inc components are now available in the 4.6 eCatalog, under the Advanced Motion folder.
Here is a forum post explaining the basics: Planar Motor components