Pick in and out shelf

Dear Developer and friends ,

I have a simulation case that the robot need to pick and place crates into and out of shelf. The shelf is circular arrangement with robot in the middle.

I thought this case is similar with AS/RS while the working instrument is Robot not crane. But the configuration is different.

Could you recommend which components in eCat. is helpful for this layout and How to do the robot programming accordingly.

If you did the similar layout before, the sharing would be very helpful.

Best Regards

Robot storing


Hello wkrstone

I created this half layout but i think you ll got the idea.

I used works shelfs but placed them one by one circularly. I think this is way easier then modeling something like that.

Example_CircleShelf.vcmx (1.5 MB)

Hello Ozen,

Thanks very much for your support.



Hello Ozen,

I Met a new problem for this appliction.

I need to pick and place twice to each cell of shelf and retrieve the both two together by one step.

But the shelf buffer can’t recieve two box for one cell and merge them together like works process.

Do you have good idea for this condition.

Thanks and BR.

Hello wkrstone

Why dont you use WorksProcess then? I think another option is to change script of the component to need 2 parts and merge them before they send out, but easier is better.

If you r not gonna create 100 of this cell block in layout. I think using WorksProcess is the best option.

Just create 1 column of WorksProcesses, create your tasks, group them and clone over and over to get your circular shape.

Hope it works for you:D


Hi Ozan,

I tried opening your layout to check how your buffer works. I have an excercise where the buffer does not get picked by Annna. (Academy)

Is it correct I can’t see any processes, flows, … But the simulation itself works.

That layout is from 2020 and it uses the (now old) Works library, since back then we did not have Process Modeling.