Physics Entity Gap

Hey there!!

I started with VC a couple of months ago and currently facing some problems with the PhysicsEntity.
I hope someone can help me out with this :smiley:

I am modeling a gripper which graps a component of a plate and then moves it to another plate.
I imported the CAD file and already made some changes to move the gripper. Somehow the gripper does not grap the component clearly face to face, like if you add two cubes in the 3D world and collide them by hand with each other.
In picture1 the component is not directly on the plate.
In picture2 the component is not directly touching the gripper fingers. Also the component between the gripper fingers is either loose or it is squeezed, close to slide out.

Some facts:

  • Simulation is running while testing
  • Component set to InPhysics.
  • Plate set to Kinematic and PhysicsCollider set to Precise.
  • Both gripper fingers set to Kinematic and PhysicsCollider set to Precise.
  • The plate and the gripper fingers are extracted as a link, because of that CAD file.

I watched the videos of physics on the VC academy site and followed ‘tamplane1’ advice, but still got the problem with the gaps. I think that I am missing some settings I need to adjust. :confused:
( Physics, component not falling into the box )

Hopefully I described my problem understandable.
Thanks a lot!


I think you are facing the same issue as here.

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