Physics, component not falling into the box

I have a physical Feeder and a physical Conveyer.
All working fine.

At the end of the Conveyer I have a box to simulate components falling into this box.
This works fine with a Standard box from the e-cat after Setting the geometry Physics Collider to precise.
But it is not working with my own box also set to “precise”
The components falling down rest on the top area of the box, but not falling inside.
What Settings I’m missing ?


I think your box at the end of the Conveyor is the problem. You’ll have to set its Physics Colliders (of all geometries) to “precise”. If this doesn’t help there is a workaround:

Devide the box into 5 pieces: 1 Floor and 4 Walls (you may have to rebuild the box on your own). Now set the Physics Collider of each wall and floor to “Box”.

I guess the problem is that the box is seen as a cuboid, therefore the parts fall on top of it instead of inside of it (I had a similar problem).

Greetings tamp1

Yes its probably because its not hollow.


Is it possible to extract a portion of the inner object? So that doing so one will have a box.