My end effector

I designed my own end effector but i am not able to attach it to the flange of the robot
I followed the link below

I tried to export a generic tool but i was unable to open it with autocad inventor
It is not able to open STEP AP242
thanks for help


How to attach my own tool?
I designed it with invetor 2019


I don’t know much about Inventor as a program, but if you could import the .stp file it exports into VC, then you could set up a PnP interface for it under the MODELING module, and connect it to the robot flange through the PnP interface, or let’s keep it simple, you could snap this component to the gripper jaws, and use the add-on to make it additionally bound to the robot flange, but doing so If you do this, you won’t be able to use the robot’s quick-change tool feature easily. :melting_face:

Thanks for your reply
I imported a .stp file and I went through the pnp but when i move the robot the tool is not attached



I would recommend to check these two tutorials:

They should show how to model your own end effector and should also show how to use wizards to make this a bit faster if you do not want to do everything manually. I would still recommend to not use wizards if this is your first time modelling an end effector.


thanks for your reply
will back with results