Material removal in real-time

Was hoping to do something like this.

However, could not find good performance way so far, but it is still possible to use Boolean feature and SweptVolume to achieve it in real-time, you can use your own geometry to replace Block feature, but keep Swept feature there, you can also program the robot by yourself, don’t forget to set signal 81 true to turn on SweptVolume, set signal 81 false to turn off SweptVolume

Since we are using SweptVolume, it’s recommended to use higher simulation speed, or SweptVolume triangle count will be too much, although the performance is not very good, I believe that you can still have some fun, try 2-3 characters first, create your own and share with us, enjoy!

Here is the demo and .vcmx file.
Material Removal.vcmx (919.2 KB)

Material removal