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If you work with KUKA robots in KUKA.Sim (Add On) or KUKA OLP, this Python add on adds some functions that can make your life easier.

  • Import of $config.dat file properties (Base/Basename, Tool/Toolname, LoadData)

  • Save and load signal connections of a robot (e.g. if you have to manually exchange a robot)

  • Mirror position statements (for mirrored parts etc.)

  • Adapt position statements with a relative offset or absolute values for selectable parameters of the statements (Coordinates, external axis values, …)

To install the add on download the zip file below, then unzip and copy the folder “DS_SIM” to the MyCommands folder of your simulation software. The MyCommands folder should be located in your personal documents folder.
Example: C:\Users%username%\OneDrive - KUKA AG\Dokumente\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.3\My Commands

DS_Sim_V1.2.zip (1.6 MB)

You can find more detailed information regarding add ons and how to install them in the Visual Components Academy here


EDIT 2023-10-27:

  • New version V1.1
  • Changed folder structure of add on
  • Fixed some issues in Save/Load Signal Connections
  • Added new function


  • There still seem to be other issues in Save/Load Signal Connection


EDIT 2023-11-03:

  • New version V1.2
  • Fixed bug in Save/Load Signal Connections

Hello…where can i download the add-on??

Forgot to add it while creating the post, I now added it to the original post above.

Thanks, works perfectly.
Best regards, Christoph

Info for new users
To install the add on unzip the files and copy the unzipped folder “DS_SIM_Public_Tools_V1-0” to the following location:
C:\Users%username%\OneDrive - KUKA AG\Dokumente\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.3\My Commands

Hi, can you add support for Kuka.Sim 3.1
I am trying to start it there, but it says cant find file named kuka and is not starting.
I need to be able to mirror positions

Hi, There is no plan at the moment to make this compatible with Sim 3.1. The Sim 3.1 programming page is a whole different story and I don’t have any experience how to create motion commands there. As Sim 3.1 is discontinued at this point I will not get into that. You could work with a trial version of Sim 4 or buy Sim 4 at the yearly license is quite affordable.

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thanks, this time i did it manually already :slight_smile: but i will need to upgrade it seems
Here is the result :

Updated to version DS_Sim_V1.1


Updated to version DS_Sim_V1.2

C:\Users%username%\Dokumente\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.3\My Commands

I think you are missing a backslash after Users
C:\Users%username%\Dokumente\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.3\My Commands

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