Kuka.sim 4.3 tool import

I am using the kuka.sim pro version 4.3 and I don’t know how to import the tool map or base map from the actual robot. I have tried replacing the config.dat file or modifiying it, but when running the simulation, it initializes every time.

This is known limitation where simulation tool/base object definition overrides config.dat values when you run the simulation. This add-on should help you reading config.dat values from to your simulation model.

By simulation objects I mean the tool and base frames that you can set in the Jog panel. This tutorial and its section number 8 explains the process of setting those objects.



Sir, you are a lifesaver.

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Additional info: Yes, the config.dat will be inititalized every time with default values, so you cannot change anythin manually there. But there is one exception. You can create varibales in the user section at the end of the config.dat. Those changes will be persisted.