Importing robot program

Hello, i have an Omron i4-550L-350 set up irl and it is already programmed. I wanted to export the program and upload it to visual components like i did with my fanuc and ABB. But visual components doesnt seem to support the file type that the Omron robot uses. Is there any way to convert the file in to a supported type and be able to load it on to the virtual robot?

We don’t have uploader add-on for Omron. And those are pretty difficult to make as it requires extensive knowledge about that native robot language and then you need to script robust text parser so that every bit of information in the job file gets transformed into the VC program statements.

If you only want to import robot positions and they are available as cartesian positions with pitch, roll and yaw angles showing the orientation then you could try to use this .csv import add-on. Then you would basically need to use text editor to extract that position information into a .csv format and then use the add-on.