Import robot points from csv file

Here is a simple add-on that imports robot points from csv file as motion statements. X,Y,Z data is mandatory but on top of that you can include orientation, speed and other motion related data on the file. First line determines the data fields. Add-on includes an example file that you can use for testing.

-k (2.49 KB)

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very good!!

Hey, it’s been some time since you posted this…

Can you please explain how I can install this add on?
I am new to VC and having some hard time with a project.


Hi @spadau,

Welcome to VC Forum.

All python add-ons are installed by unzipping the package and copying the contents to your \Documents\Visual Components\4.2\My Commands\ folder. Note that app version in folder path might be different. After copying the add-on launch VC and you should see some UI button associated to the add-on. In this case adds menu button to “VcTabTeach/Import” path which means that it should be found on “Program” tab on group “Import”.


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