Illustrating a path/spaghetti diagram


Im not quite sure under which subsection i should put this, but layout seemed kinda related.

I want to illustrate predefined pathways for six different product flows. These pathways are used by forklifts. So what i want is to have six different colors(one for each product) and the direction. Anyone have any tips and tricks of how to illustrate this in a nice way? Im planning to make it possible to turn on/off the visibility of the different pathways, so it doesn’t matter if they interfer with eachother.

These pathways are taken from a master’s thesis and is the “to be” case for an improvement case. The reason we want to use VC for this is that we are going to track the actual forklifts and sample the location once every second, and then project the actual path ontop of this “planned” route. Might simulate the movements of the forklifts aswell.

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You can generate lines in python API. For visualization purposes I’d place them into a UserGeometry of some component. UserGeometry is faster to render but it won’t support same picking and snapping capabilities (you can’t e.g. snap to the visualized line). Here’s a snippet to get you going. Add a script to any component in the scene and paste this code init.

from vcScript import * 
import vcVector 
app = getApplication() 
color = app.findMaterial('red')
comp = getComponent() 
geo = comp.UserGeometry
lineset = geo.createGeometrySet(VC_COMPACTLINESET) 
lineset.Material = color
P = [ (0,0,0),
line = [*x) for x in P]
lineset.LineWidth = 3.0 

that thread might be useful