How to use the AGV works pathway in Works Library?

How to use the AGV works pathway in Works Library?

Copied this metadata from eCatalog (right click component->view metadata)

Works Pathway area

Rectangular area for Works Resources.

How to use

· Set the desired dimension and characteristics of the area. Refer to Key Properties.

To restrict the use of the lanes to specific resources, fill in the “AreaID” property to match the resource’s AreaID.

· Hint: Use Interact tool and drag from one of the two darker edges of the area to resize it

· *** Remember to enable “PathFinding” on resources! ***

For more details refer to:

Key properties

· AreaSpeedLimit = Maximum speed of any resource moving in the area. 0= resource refers to its own speed limits.

· AreaID = Filtering for resource access

· GridSize = “Resolution” of the area. A higher value gives better performance but a less smooth movement. To avoid collisions, the GridSize should be roughly the outer dimension of the resources using the pathway. See “Works Resource Pathfinder” for more details. So, max gird size= worker is safer and more detailed route and minimum= worker might hit something and less detailed route.

· AreaCapacity = Max number of resources on the pathway at a time

· AreaCollisions = Enables avoidance between resources on the path. When disabled, resources ignore each other i.e. move through each other

· AreaPassing = When enabled, resources look for an alternative route to reach the destination if blocked by another resource. When disabled, resource waits.

NOTE: a resource can have only AreaID, but a pathway can have more than one.

If you do a search of “pathway” on this forum, in Academy or in Help tab of software, you can find material. Viewing the metadata, as suggested earlier, is another option and might contain the most up-to-date information.

This guide can help.