How to rotate cylinder on path

Hi! I am trying to create cylinders with component creator. Problem is that I want the cylinder laying on it’s side. I can’t get the cylinder to rotate. What I’m doing wrong here?

At first I tried

Then I found this topic: and tried:

But no luck.

Is it possible to change objects orientation somehow?

I’ve rotated the path start and end frames. I got them on their side.
Now I tried to manipulate parts MovementOrigin so it would slide on the top of creator. I don’t want to move the frames. Maybe i should Try to create creator without path so this would work.

Got rolls to rotate but when the enter the path they are rotated back. So I have to rotate those frames 90 degrees. Moving the MovementOrigin does not affect the parts position on path. Tried with PathAxis: Automatic and Generic

Path also needs to have RetainOffset enabled.

:pray: @TSy thank you!

I’ve tried to rotate the cylinder but in reality I needed to rotate MovementOrigin. Now it Works just fine and I don’t need to rotate frames either.