How to get the grab function without robot?

I am new with Visual Components and simulate the grab process .I have seen some suggestion of the similar problem and try to use the "component container " ( also like container.grab ) combined “servo” to solve the problem.

my problem

the vacuum gripper can move with two joints like but the gripper can not catch the test sample and move together.




Do you have the Component Container behavior on the vacuum gripper joint (assuming it is the last link/joint)?

Also check that the part variable points correctly to an vcComponent. Insert “print part” before grabbing the part, you will see that a vcComponent object should be printed in the output window.

P.S.It is advised that you use one servo controller per component. You can create multiple joints per servo controller. I noticed by your code that you have 1 servo controller per joint, this is not optimal in big layouts with a lot of components.



Hi Frank,

please check out a new wizard:

Typical problem when grabbing a component to a container, is to detect the correct (dynamic) component instance. Robots and the wizard above is utilizing collision detector for that purpose. Another simpler approach is to use ComponentPathSensor, if possible.