How to access vcScript in VisualStudio Code

Hi there,

I am new to python programming, but when writing python scripts for my VC components I like to use Visual Studio Code instead of the built in editor.

When adding

from vcScript import *

in my script it gets an underline stating vcScript could not be resolved.
However, in VS Code I cant get any proposals on how to contiue after a . (dot) since VS Code doesnt find the vcScript File/Package(?)
I cant even find this package on my system.
I can find vcHelper here: C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Professional 4.6\Python\Commands\vcHelpers (but dont know how to make it available in VS Code)

So, how can make use of the vcScript package in VS Code?

Thanks for your support.

You can’t, see this thread.

Ok, thats disapointing :frowning:
But thatnks for your reply.