Graphics distortion

Hello everyone,
I watched the function of Siemens’ Run MyVirtual Machine in the past few days, and then, I suddenly had the idea to use the Boolean calculation of Visual Components to reproduce one.
However, I encountered a problem, as shown in the picture. After I finished the operation, my components would leave large and small potholes. I am not sure what the problem is, whether it is because of the GPU or the graphics type or something else. I have no idea. Something you noticed?
Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

So are you trying to do some kind of material removal simulation using the Boolean feature?
I would expect that if you do it incrementally such that you are removing small parts of the mesh at a time, it will result in very messy / broken triangle mesh structure. You can probably see how bad your resulting mesh is if you enable the “All edges shaded” display mode.

Actually, yes, I observed the running rules of Run MyVirtual Machine and it seems to me like a cutting effect using operations that trigger boolean-like calculations, so I want to do something similar in VC. Like you said, it can get really weird, is there a way to handle this? :melting_face:

A compromise I am currently thinking of is to still use this method of processing. After the processing is completed, I will replace the finished product, but in this case, I will have to have a model of the finished product in advance. :joy:

You could try swept volume to do material removal, here is the sample, but the performance is not very good, I think the best way is voxelization, just like Minecraft.

Something like this.

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Wow, this looks very cool!
I also think that turning entities into multiple small squares would be very effective, but the difficulty is that I don’t have any effective way to turn components into many small squares while ensuring that my laptop does not issue The cry of “Wail”. :rofl:
I hope I can have the opportunity to experience this function in the future. I really appreciate your reply. I wish you a good day! :grinning:

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