Grabbing objects

I am trying to pickup an object (simulate a pneumatic cylinder with suction head on it), but I have no idea how to begin and can’t find a tutorial addressing this part. I have a working cylinder and whenever it reaches it maximum stroke I want to pickup the object and when the cylinder retracts I want the object to go with it, like it is attached. I think I have to work with component containers, so I made one linked to the frame (picture 1). But when the piston is moving the frame stays static, so that is maybe already 1 problem. And then I have no idea about the python code, I was thinking something with container.grab() at line 75 but I have no idea what to fill in between the brackets to pick up that specific part.

Test_pickingUp.vcmx (17.5 KB)

There is addon called grasp action wizard that could be helpful.

Also, the frame probably stays static because it is under the component root node, not in the moving node.

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