Export geometry to STEP(AP214)


I’m using KUKA’s version of VC (KUKA SIM PRO Assembly Version: (Build: 93164))

When I want to export to a step format my only option is STEP(AP242). I’m having trouble opening this format in other 3D software and have been forced to exporting to .stl which makes the model huge in filesize, and one massive part.

On VC webpage it says that:
STEP - Up to AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214 and AP 242 - .stp, .step
is supported. But my only option is AP242

Am I doing something wrong or is there a checkbox somewhere I have missed?



VC products can import all those STEP versions, but export only mesh data as specified in the AP242 standard.

Thanks for the response. It is a shame that AP242 is the only .stp format til export.

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You are doing well managing to get it to export. Even the simplest design crashes when trying to save as a step. any ideas?

@Joel_Lister Maybe you have this issue that all exports fail?

Thanks @TSy turns out it was a windows update that was playing it up.