Error when reopening a VCMX file, objects replaced and moved

Hi! I am using VC4 with the Delfoi addon, and i am experiencing issues related to geometry suddenly swapping places after saving, closing and reopening.
The issue has happened to me once before, but is a total random occurence. I have saved and loaded countless times, without any issues. But on a rare occation, this happens.

Any ideas how/why this happens? It is severely irritating when everything is almost finalised, and then boom, this happens…

This is a known issue. Here are two threads discussing it:

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Two good threads here, but i would love to hear a developer response from this.
This happened to me once again, but this time i was not even able to open the backup files.
This means that the programme is now basically useless, or i have to do this all over again…

Wait, OMG, do you know how to reproduce it?
This is a long-live mystery … every body knows about it, but no one can reproduce it.
Once developers know how to reproduce it, I believe that this issue would be solved.

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No sorry, i dont know how to reproduce it, but i can explain which files changes.
In my case, it is only 5 objects that have changed. One of them is part on an exploded geometry, and the others are separate, individual components. They do not have the same names or anything. The strange thing is, that the components that are replaced, are only replaced by the same geometry (in my case, a welding gun). A rail, box, tool flange, and two pipes turned into welding guns.

Last time this happened it was with a bunch of items, but this time it was only these items.

Note. In the image above, the robot is supposed to hold a small black cylinder, which is then attached to the welding gun. In this case, an assembly part has changed. It was imported as ONE part, and somehow it split the part and added a random welding gun to it…