Delay in signal update with OPC UA

Hi everyone,
I was using OPC UA to connect to my PLC code. I tested with a demo model mapping around 15 to 20 boolean variables where the average update time was around 20 ms. However, when i implemented the connection to complete layout with mapping of around 200 variables, the latency is around 4…5 seconds which is completely unacceptable.
I have components like crossing conveyors, conveyors, and conveyor sensors (not ray cast).
Is there something that can be done to improve this latency value??

Enable the setting for collecting additional timing info from the Connectivity Configuration panel, and then check the “Average plugin time” compared to the “Average update time”.

If the plugin time is high, your OPC UA server is slow and you would need to improve things on that end.

Definitely something wrong if you get a performance like that. Either the OPC UA is bottlenecking the communication, or there is something misconfigured in the simulation.

One common mistake is to have boolean properties with the rebuild flag enabled. This will make the simulation slow and will also affect communication. You can check for unnecessary property rebuilds with this addon: Optimize the property Rebuilds