Optimize the property Rebuilds

“Rebuild” rebuilds a component’s geometry and re-evaluates expressions. Generally, you only need to enable Rebuild if the property is used with features or expressions in a node. Otherwise, Rebuild is an unnecessary action.

This add-on checks all the properties within the components in your layout and turns off the unnecessary Rebuilds, so no property would rebuild on start or while running a simulation. As a result, the simulation start time and the laggings which are due to dynamic component rebuilds will be improved.

To use the add-on, one can find it under the Tools section in the Home tab. Please modify the location based on your interest using the init file, if needed. After clicking the “Optimize Rebuilds” button, answer yes to the pop-up message to optimise the whole layout at once. The result will be printed to the Output window showing how many components were analysed for their static and dynamic property Rebuilds.

To install the add-on, please unzip and copy the attached folder under “My Commands” folder of your Visual Components version.

Rebuilds-Optimization.zip (2.42 KB)