Data transfer with REST Api & Python for the usage in the simulation

Hey guys,

right now I am using a python script to get process data via a REST Api from the IIoT plattform Thingworx. This data transfer ist currently working and i can print out the transfered data from the python script to the command field with a while true loop.

Now i want to transfer the data (process parameter & sensor data from different machines) from the IIoT platform for the simulation to create a digital twin/shadow of the machines. I know that an OPC UA connector for this kind of data exists, but I am not allowed to use a direct connection between the machine and Visual Components via OPC UA.

Does anybody knew a way to tranfser the data from the python script to the OPC UA connector or an other way to use the data to create a digital twin of the machines?

I have a digital model of the machines which have the same functionalities as the real machines.

Thank you in advance

  • Markus

If direct connection is not possible for any reason, would it be OK to create an OPC-UA server via python and then connect to that instead? Basically we’re not using native connector anymore: