Custom CAD Tool to Robot Flange Mating Issue - PnP, Snap, Align

Background info:

  • New User to software and 1st post on forum.
  • Kuka Sim 4.0.1 Build 1422
  • Kuka KR 50 R2500 Iontec 6-axis Robot

My Problem:
I am having issues mating an imported CAD model mount to the flange of the kuka robot model in the software. I know the PnP tool should be used to connect the yellow triangle of the CAD part to the flange’s yellow triangle, but there isn’t a yellow triangle popping up on my imported mount model while in the PnP mode. Additionally, when I try to mate (SWx term, I guess the correct term in VC is Snap and/or Align), the first alignment is saved, but the following constraint breaks the previous one so its impossible to align the part appropriately. I saw a forum post where someone else asked a similar question and the solution was to hold the SHIFT key down while selecting each constraint feature, but when I try, it doesn’t do anything. Please see the attached video for a demonstration of my issues.

Thank you in advance!

Forum post referenced in paragraph above:

Kuka Sim Mating Question.mkv (34.5 MB)