Custom CAD Tool to Robot Flange Mating Issue - PnP, Snap, Align

Background info:

  • New User to software and 1st post on forum.
  • Kuka Sim 4.0.1 Build 1422
  • Kuka KR 50 R2500 Iontec 6-axis Robot

My Problem:
I am having issues mating an imported CAD model mount to the flange of the kuka robot model in the software. I know the PnP tool should be used to connect the yellow triangle of the CAD part to the flange’s yellow triangle, but there isn’t a yellow triangle popping up on my imported mount model while in the PnP mode. Additionally, when I try to mate (SWx term, I guess the correct term in VC is Snap and/or Align), the first alignment is saved, but the following constraint breaks the previous one so its impossible to align the part appropriately. I saw a forum post where someone else asked a similar question and the solution was to hold the SHIFT key down while selecting each constraint feature, but when I try, it doesn’t do anything. Please see the attached video for a demonstration of my issues.

Thank you in advance!

Forum post referenced in paragraph above:

Kuka Sim Mating Question.mkv (34.5 MB)


I’ve been struggling with similar issues so unfortunately I do not have an answer. Seems that using custom cad files that have been imported isn’t as streamlined as the built in eCatalog parts.

We’d both benefit from knowing more about setting up our custom imported files to have all the reference points and frames that the eCatalog parts have.

The tutorial in the links below were quite helpful for me as a new user as well, but unfortunately it doesn’t show how to setup the “control points” for custom parts.


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See the “Model a gripper” tutorials from this course to understand what is needed to turn your geometry only component into a functional tool component for a robot.

KUKA.Sim might not have all the same Modeling tab tools and wizards available, and these tutorials are from a pretty old version of VC, but you can probably figure it out. This isn’t a KUKA.Sim forum anyway.

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