Align block with respect to 2 points


I’m trying to make a simulation on KUKASIM 4.0, I try to aling a block to make it match with 2 points on space but I can’t.

I attach an Image to illustrate the situation:

  1. The distance between the points is 2319.3 mm

  2. Then I add the block with the same dimension as the distance betwen the points: 2319.3mm

  3. I attach the edge of the block to the first point. The block situates in the desired position.

  4. Now I want to rotate the block with the edge 2 to the point 2 (but I want Point 1 remain on the first point position).

All the times i want to make that maneuver… the block is positioned in the point 2… but moving the point 1.

And if I try to do it by hand rotating the block i can place it but not precisely.

So, how can I do this maneuver?

Thanks in advance.

Use the “Set origin” command to move origin of the block to the point you want to rotate it around, in this case Point 1.

And then use Align to rotate the block so its edge goes through the “Destiny point”.

In help file under topic “Shortcuts” there’s this nice manipulation tool explained (see the picture) which you can use with SHIFT key. It allows you to align any object using 1 to 3 vectors.

In the attached video I show this tool in action. I have a box which I manipulate to align an edge with two frames. After that there’s still one degree of freedom so I could have third frame to fix that DOF as well.




Thanks a lot! :wink: