Creating Products/Assemblys directly on import

Hi there,

we’re trying to simulate a huge welding assembly from the raw parts to the finals assembly (complete shopfloor). We made the first presentation with just a simplified assembly but now the should be the whole process. As were takling about ~320 parts (equals products) i wondering if there is a easy process to make products / assembkly on the fly direct when I import the assembly?

Any hints how i could save hours or days of setting this up?

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Process Modeling has full configuration API for both Python and .NET, so anything you can do from the UI manually can be done by code as well.

You would need to import your CAD assembly with such options that each part is a separate component or node and the attachment hierarchy is preserved if possible.

Then write a Python script or .NET plugin that reads the node or component hierarchy and creates Product Types for each unique part type, and a overall Assembly Product Type using the relative positions and attachment of the parts to create the assembly steps and patterns.

You may then also need to set up the process flow sequences and transport links either manually or somehow provide the needed information to generate those using code as well.

Hi TSy,

thanks for the fast reply and the hints on this. So i’ve to dive into python now i guess :slight_smile: but fortunate it’s possible anyway. As we have a allready well structured assembly that should be okay.
For the first presentation I allready used the relative position (same origin) to build the assemblys but have to modify the transport location to get somehow believeable animation.

So what I would do is try this python thing (any examples are welcomed, if someone has done this allready).

For the transport location I would try to get the component center (center of bounding box), right?

As this is something we have all the time, i guess this would be a huge speed-up in the workflow for Process Modeling.